Fairbrook Academy is a place where you go to build and take home robotic toys, scientific projects, architectural models, and mosaic and various other art pieces you can build yourself. It's a place where your mind expands and your imagination thrives.

Leaders of Tomorrow

We have learned one simple fact about children: we have to give them confidence and allow them to try on tasks that seem impossible. Once you put your mind into it, theres nothing you cannot do!

Setting Standards

Inspiration & Innovation

Through its innovative math & Science programs, Fairbrook Academy is the leading institution in providing hands-on STEAM (Science, Technonolg, Engineeringm Arts and Math) since 2009.

Offering leadership and mentorship opportuniteis for student at Fairbrook Academy, we teach our students problem solving in are areas of life. It's all about confidence!

Education through Enrichment
Hands on activities related to your child's school curriculum
Our programs include:
- Make & take robotics
- Make & take science
- Make & take STEAM
- Coding
- Public speaking
- Creative writing
- Tae Kwon Do
- Zumba
- Yoga
- And much more...

We have been providing  STEAM Exploration programs since 2009

Fairbrook Academy is

a subsidiary of the

Imagination Tree Foundation. Program fees are waived for qualified students.