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K & 1st Grades

STEM Exploration

Math Olympiad Problem Solving Skills


Problem Solving techniques for gifted students


The challenging mathematics questions require problem-solving skills in addition to basic math knowledge that students are taught at school.


 We use a variety of methods used to solve math problems:


1.     discovery method

2.     problem-solving by experimentations

3.     problem-solving by trial-and-error method

4.     problem-solving  by relating to exploratory techniques

5.     using feedback to improve performance

6.     utilizing self-educating techniques

7.     utilizing self evaluating techniques


We also take  a number of different steps to tackle math problems:


A.    use diagrams / models

B.     act it out

C.     use before & after assumptions

D.    use systematic listing

E.     look for patterns

F.     work backwards

G.    use guess & check

H.    simplify the problem

I.       make supposition

J.       solve part of the problem

K.     paraphrase the problem

2nd & 3rd Grades
4th - 6th Grades