Originally known as FASCA, we began providing Singapore Math, Robotics, Science and Architectural Modeling to elementary school students. As demand for our programs grew, we embarked upon the formation of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Fine Arts & MAth (STEAM) program unique in its kind. We have since been serving the needs of our communities through after school activities, community center programs, private parties and various other exciting enrichment programs.



Fairbrook Academy is dedicated to the advancement of education. Children learn by example! By providing environments that are creative, inventive, and artistic, we will encourage our children to channel their energy to reclaim leadership in science, technology, and the arts.



Our mission is to motivate children of all ages to discover science, engineering, technology, and the arts through hands on experiments. We teach and mentor our children by encouraging them to be imaginative, innovative, and ingenious. To remain competitive in the global community, we must support our children in building communication skills, self-confidence, and leadership ability.



Children have great sense of curiosity about their surroundings. They are full of enthusiasm and passion and are always wanting to learn, explore, and express their creativity. We strive to share and cultivate their love for science, culture, and the arts.


Our Vision

Together, we can support educational programs that could bring about positive changes to our communities. Support of enrichment programs will develop the public knowledge and expectations.